Cygnet Living History Museum

Cygnet Living History Museum

Cygnet Maritime History Presentation and Display
by Jean-Louis Boglio

This presentation was originally held at the Weighbridge Cottage - Burtons Reserve, Cygnet
on Saturday 5th December 2020, from 2 to 4pm
and the following Thursdays from 10am to 2pm until Christmas 2020

We would like to thank all those who came along to see this wonderful display
and show their support for the Cygnet Living History Museum.

We would also love to motivate some of the younger members of the Cygnet community
to get involved with the museum, while also recording and documenting
their own contribution to our local history. What we do today is tomorrow's history.

Opening speech by Jean-Louis, after introductions by Tess Hallinan (CLHM President) and Liz Smith (CLHM VP).

Below are some examples of commissioned artworks, posters and the other extraordinary lengths that Jean-Louis went to, to make this exhibition possible. In all truly praiseworthy by our CLHM volunteer team.

This impressive D'entrecasteaux Channel Region Poster is about 4 meters wide!

More Maritime History Posters covering Steamships and Ketches.
Top left is a photo of the SS Mongana.

SS Mongana - original photograph donated by E Riseley - Digitally Restored by Peter Nowak
Prints are available on various media, on request through the Museum - All proceeds go to the Museum.

More Maritime History Posters covering Model Yachts, Power Boat Races and Regattas.

Archived - Download (1.2MB) ... 20th Anniversary - Maritime History Presentation - A4 Flyer

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