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Coalition Helps Defeat Babylon’s Kangaroo Court

Help prevent this atrocity. 

    We had been announcing on this website the plans of the Town of Babylon to attain legislation from the state authorizing it to create a “community court” with which it would violate the due process rights of its property owners and give Babylon control over the judges.

            Despite the support of State Senator Owen Johnson and Assemblyman Robert Sweeney, the State Legislature never considered Babylon’s need to go after unregistered parked cars enough of a priority to warrant spending time on legislation.

            Babylon’s response was to create a court all on its own, without the support of state legislation, and what it created was a disgusting monster in which the prosecutor hired the judge and could fire him whenever he wanted for whatever reason. The prosecutor also made up the rules of the court, and the judge was not bound by the rules of evidence. Not surprisingly, there were also inequalities in the treatment of the prosecutor and the respondent, the respondent having until 24 hours before scheduled hearing to request an adjournment while the prosecutor could request an adjournment at any time before trial, for example.

            Aware of what the existence of this kangaroo court meant for the residents of Babylon, Paul Palmieri, president of the Coalition, worked to bring the “community court,” officially the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, to the attention of the New York State Unified Court System, as a result of which the court system sued the town, as a result of which Babylon agreed to shut down its kangaroo court for an alternative run by Court System instead of the town’s prosecutor.

            We encourage concerned citizens to contact their legislators by phone, fax or mail to let them know how disappointed you are that they have shown such a lack of concern for our freedoms and to let them know that you expect better of them, stressing the fact that you are a voter and their actions regarding the community court would influence your decision during the next election.

            We would like to thank those of you who did contact your representatives or where otherwise active in fighting against this kangaroo court. Whatever effect your participation had on the “community court,” you at least educated yourselves about the tools at our disposal with which we can stand up for ourselves against tyranny.

            The fight does not end here, so we encourage you to continue your vigilance in protecting your constitutional rights and ours.

Contact information for local officials can be found at www.orps.state.ny.us.

The New York State Assembly website is http://assembly.state.ny.us/

The New York State Senate website is www.senate.state.ny.us

Residents of the town of Babylon are encouraged to contact the CITIZEN SERVICES department in the Office of the Supervisor to voice your opinion on any issue of concern to them. 

Contact: Patricia Kaphan - Citizen's Advocate
Phone: (631) 957-7474
Fax: (631) 957-7440

“This department …is responsible for handling constituent concerns and acts in an advocacy capacity to ensure that complaints are handled in a satisfactory manner. The Citizen Services Department works closely with all town departments and various levels of government in an attempt to address issues of concern for Town of Babylon residents.” 


           Let’s hope the above statement on the Town of Babylon website is true.

Also, anyone who has had to pay a fine or who is on the hook for a fine because of a verdict from Babylon’s kangaroo court should contact the Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners & Merchants, Inc. at 631-376-2110.